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Dr. Burkhardt Flemer


Burkhardt Flemer

033701 - 78 212


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2017- now             

  • Postdoctoral researcher, Leibniz Institute for Vegetable and Ornamental Crops, Dr. Rita Grosch, Großbeeren, Germany


  • Postdoctoral researcher, APC Microbiome Institute, Prof. O’Toole, University College Cork, Ireland





  • PhD Microbiology, University College Cork, Ireland, Thesis title: Antimicrobial activities and diversity of sponge derived microbes, Supervisor: Prof. Alan Dobson


  • Diplom (FH) Biotechnology, Beuth Hochschule, Berlin, Germany and Hochschule Anhalt, Koethen, Germany, Diploma thesis at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar- and Marine Sciences, Title: “Diversity of Antarctic Sea Ice Algae”, Supervisor: Dr. Klaus Valentin.



ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4614-4432

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Google scholar:




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