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Publications of PA FUNCT, 2016 – 2019

Research Domain FUNCT
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
FUNCT.1 Temperature sensing in plants
FUNCT.2 Plant metabolism
FUNCT.3 Root-Shoot-Interactions
Publications of PA FUNCT, 2016 – 2019
Research Domain MICRO
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
Research Domain MICRO
BIOINF Genomics and bioinformatics in horticulture
Research Domain QUALITY
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
Research Domain HORTSYS
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems


Current publications of PA FUNCT

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Nietzsche, M. 2016. Identifizierung und Charakterisierung neuer Komponenten der SnRK1-Signaltransduktion in Arabidopsis thaliana. Universität Potsdam, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultät, PhD thesis.


Individual contributions to edited volumes


Grosch, R.; Buhtz, A.; Schwarz, D. 2016. Verticillium dahliae affect root morphology characteristics of tomato and plant defense response. Proceeding 9th Australasian Soilborne Diseases Symposium, Book of Abstracts, 34.


Risha, M.A.; Witzel, K.; Albers, P.; Schreiner, M.; Hanschen, F.S. 2017. Identification and characterization of Brassica oleracea specifier proteins in the enzymatic degradation of glucosinolates. 4th International Glucosinolate Conference, Glucosinolate Summit Proceedings, 64.

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Dorais, M.; Schwarz, D. 2018. Organic Tomato. In: Heuvelink, E. (Ed.) Tomatoes: Crop Production Science in Horticulture, CABI, 337-368.


Articles in peer-reviewed journals


Mollavali, M.; Bolandnazar, S.A.; Schwarz, D.; Rohn, S.; Riehle, P.; Zaare-Nahandi, F. 2016. Flavonol glucoside and antioxidant enzyme biosynthesis affected by mycorrhizal fungi in various cultivars of onion (Allium cepa L.). Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 64, 71–77.

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Rouphael, Y.; Rea, E.; Cardarelli, M.; Bitterlich, M.; Schwarz, D.; Colla, G. 2016. Can adverse effects of acidity and aluminum toxicity be alleviated by appropriate rootstock selection in cucumber? Frontiers in Plant Science 7, 1283.

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Albers, P.; Üstün, S.; Witzel, K.; Kraner, M.; Börnke, F. 2019. A remorin from Nicotiana benthamiana interacts with the Pseudomonas type-III effector protein HopZ1a and is phosphorylated by the immune-related kinase PBS1. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interaction 32(9), 1229–1242.

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Witzel, K.; Abu Risha, M.; Albers, P.; Börnke, F.; Hanschen, F. 2019. Identification and characterization of three epithiospecifier protein isoforms in Brassica oleracea. Frontiers in Plant Science 10, 1552.



Work and discussion paper


Albers, P.; Üstün, S.; Witzel, K.; Kraner, M.; Börnke, F. 2018. A remorin from Nicotiana benthamiana interacts with the Pseudomonas type-III effector protein HopZ1a and is phosphorylated by the immune-related kinase PBS1. bioRxiv 409235.


Editorship of edited volumes


Colla, G.; Pérez-Alfocea, F.; Schwarz, D. 2017. Vegetable Grafting, Principles and Practices. CABI, pp 278, ISBN-10: 1780648979