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5.2 Biological and technological fundamentals of Seed and In vitro propagation

1. Research Domain
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
2. Research Domain
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
3. Research Domain
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
4. Research Domain
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

Seed production and In vitro propagation are important pillars of propagation of vegetable and ornamental crops. Both contain specific biological and technological problems, which could lead to qualitatively and quantitatively insufficient seed production. In in vitro production missing knowledge can lead to certain problematic regeneration processes. Future plant propagation systems should be renewable and used in a way to preserve all important traits in order to reuse the systems, e.g. by efficient use of resources and the prevention of environmental damages.


IGZ research on vegetative and generative plant propagation focused mainly on developmental processes in propagating vegetable and ornamental crops.

Research area 2.2, in cooperation with competent partners, aims to combine the gained knowledge from the past with new developments from other fields such as plasma and light technology. The results should be applicable to increase sustainability of plant propagation.

The new research area aims to create scientific fundamentals for high value products in seed production and in vitro propagation, using biological, physical and technological research on relevant aspects of propagation. The goal is to decrease the use of resources and environmental damages through the development of new or enhanced technologies for reproduction of vegetable and ornamental plants.