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3.3 Economic development and Food Security

1. Research Domain
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
2. Research Domain
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
3. Research Domain
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
3.1 Plant quality for human consumption
3.2 Food chemistry and human nutrition
3.3 Economic development and Food Security
4. Research Domain
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

The research in this group addresses the role of individuals, groups and institutions in creating, shaping and overcoming malnutrition and food insecurity around the world, including in low income countries, in countries in transition and in emergencies.


Specifically, we study how households engage in horticulture, both for income generation via commercial production and for informal markets or self-consumption in home gardens. We also investigate how interventions in development and humanitarian contexts can support nutrition and food security, also for children and through school gardens. Finally, we investigate the drivers of food choices and decision making in extreme environments and in future food systems. We do so using advanced survey and experimental methods as well as impact evaluations of various policy interventions. Our close collaboration with natural scientists at IGZ and related partners around the world is a distinguishing characteristic of our work.




Current Project

08.2018 - 07.2020

Home Gardens for Resilience and Recovery (HG4RR)

Das überordnete Ziel des Projekts besteht darin, ein internationales Experten-Netzwerk zu schaff...

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