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3.1 Plant quality for human consumption

1. Research Domain
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
2. Research Domain
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
3. Research Domain
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
3.1 Plant quality for human consumption
3.2 Food chemistry and human nutrition
3.3 Economic development and Food Security
4. Research Domain
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

We utilize natural plant response by targeted induction of particular protective secondary plant metabolites for generating plant-based food preventing diet-related human diseases, thereby having the following goals:

(I) Identification of dosage- and time-dependent influence of narrow-band light applications and further elicitor treatments on the formation of secondary plant metabolites as structure-specific response, (II) investigating the bio-functional effects of distinct secondary plant metabolites in planta and in humans, and (III) for capturing the vegetable diversity, we will investigate the composition of secondary plant metabolites in a broad species range such as indigenous European, Asian, and African vegetable species.

Current Project

2018 - 2024

Food4Future (F4F)

The Food4Future (F4F) Project is funded in the Framework of the BMB...

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Other Projects


Proteins4Future is establishing a thematic-functional model region in Havelland-Fläming-Spreewald in order to create an intelligen...

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OPTIGLUP-Optimization of Glucosinolate Degradation Pathways for Increased Quality and Health Benefit of Brassica

The Junior-Research Group OPTIGLUP-Optimization of Glucosinolate Degradation Pathways for Increased Quality and Health Benefit of Brassica Products, financed...

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SEcondaRy UV

The project SEcondaRy UV realizes the possibility to generate new scientific knowledge for applicatio...

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NutriAct: Nutritional Intervention for Healthy Aging: Food Patterns, Behavior and Products

(Competence cluster for Nutritional Research Berlin-Potsdam)


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Junior Research Group `Detection, Biosynthesis and Function of Flavonoids´

In the quality department flavonoids are investigated since severeal years intensively. Research focusses on the identification...

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Biofumigation for sustainable and intensive tree production

The aim of the BÖLM-project, financed by the BMEL is to establish biofumigation as a sustainable and practical plant protection procedure and as an alternat...

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LeguAN – Innovative and comprehensive concepts for higher value-added, functional food and feed products based on domestic grain legumes covering the whole value-chain from cultivation to utilization

The aim of this research project is to efficiently produce innovative food products and ingredients (semi-finished) that are in line with market requirements...

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WeGa Competence Network

The competence network WeGa (Wertschöpfung im Gartenbau, Creation of Value in Horticulture), which receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education a...

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COST Action – UV-B radiation: A specific regulator of plant growth and food quality in a changing climate

Significant new understanding of UV-B mediated processes in plants has been gained during the last decade. Rather than being a damaging agent, it is now reco...

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Future Strategy Horticulture

Resources are decreasing, climate change becomes more and more visible on global and regional level, markets are globalizing, while consumer´s preferences a...

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