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2.2 Beneficial plant-microbe interactions

1. Research Domain
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
2. Research Domain
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
2.1 Principles of integrated pest management
2.2 Beneficial plant-microbe interactions
3. Research Domain
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
4. Research Domain
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

Research Group 2.2 is working on mutualistic interactions of plants with bacteria and fungi. Understanding these interactions is the prerequisite for their successful application as inocula in sustainable horticultural plant production. In depth molecular analyses are necessary to elucidate how the interacting partners regulate each other to achieve an integrated development.

The group therefore mainly focusses on model organisms where genome sequences for in silico gene comparative analyses and corresponding tools like transformation systems are available. Genotypic diversity and phenotypic plasticity are analysed to elucidate the flexibility of the interactions between plants and microbes in changing environments across scales from the lab to horticultural production systems. This also comprises investigations on the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungi which could result in the design of mixed inocula taking functional diversity among microbes into account.

Current Project

07/2018 - 09/2018

The plant microbiome: culturability and resolution


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Other Projects

Using native beneficial endophytes in agriculture


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