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1.1 Plant nutritional genomics

1. Research Domain
Functional plant biology
1.1 Plant nutritional genomics
1.2 Plant metabolism
1.3 Root-Shoot-Interactions
2. Research Domain
Plant-microbe systems
3. Research Domain
Plant quality and food security
4. Research Domain
Horticultural systems of the future
5. Research Domain
Standort Erfurt

Plant nutrition in horticultural crops is directed towards growth and stress resistance, but at the same time needs to consider the quality of plants. Plant nutrient uptake and use directly influence the composition of plant tissues, and thus the taste and health value of plant-based food products.

In the past, intensive plant production systems, as in horticultural production, were often driven by the use of high amounts of mineral fertilisers. In order to avoid environmental problems and to increase resilience, plants should be more efficient at exploiting nutrient sources in soils and fertilisers. In adapting to global changes, new plant cultivars must also be highly adaptable to fluctuating conditions in the root environment, for example, the availability of water and nutrients. The primary goal of the Research Group is the elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of nutrient acquisition, transport and metabolism in important horticultural crop species and the identification of metabolic bottle-necks in these processes which might limit plant productivity in horticultural production. This will be achieved through a combination of modern genomics technologies including comparative genome analysis, transcriptomics, ionomics and genome editing approaches for functional gene analysis and crop improvement.