Nach Oben


Stability and cellular uptake of lutein-loaded emulsions.

The carotenoid lutein can improve human health. Since only a fraction is absorbed from food, lutein supplementation might be recommended. Emulsions could be good carrier systems to improve the bioavailability of lutein. Six different emulsifier compositions were used in this study to prepare lutein-loaded emulsions: ?-lactoglobulin, ?-lactoglobulin/lecithin, Biozate 1, Biozate 1/lecithin, Tween 20 and Tween 20/lecithin. The droplet size, resistance to creaming, lutein stability, cytotoxicity and lutein uptake by HT29 cells were investigated. The whey protein ?-lactoglobulin, the whey protein hydrolysate Biozate 1 and the combination with lecithin brought the most promising results. The small droplet sizes and resistance to creaming were an indication of physical stable emulsions. Furthermore, these emulsifiers prevented oxidation of lutein. The choice of emulsifier had a strong impact on the uptake by HT29 cells. The highest lutein absorption was observed with the combination of Biozate 1 and lecithin.

Frede, K.; Henze, A.; Khalil, M.; Baldermann, S.; Schweigert, F. J.; Rawel, H. 2014. Stability and cellular uptake of lutein-loaded emulsions. Journal of Functional Foods 8, 118-128.