Nach Oben


In vitro cloning of Helleborus niger.

This study shows that it is possible to propagate Hellebores niger by means of in vitro cloning. Universal (U) medium has been used for the in vitro culture. This medium was created by Haensch as a universal medium to meet the average nutritional requirements of many different plants. Apical buds of H. niger seedlings were established on U-medium supplemented with 8.9 mumol/l 6-benzylaminopurine (BAP) and 2.7 mumol/l a.-naphthaleneacetic acid. Propagation was carried out on U-medium supplemented with 2.2 umol/l BAP and 2.9 mumol/l gibberellic acid. The highest rooting success rate of 96.7% was achieved by adding 4.9 mumol/l indole-3-butyric acid to the medium. Shooting and rooting were dependent on the seedling cloned. More than 80% of the in vitro plants survived and thrived in the greenhouse.

Seyring, M. 2002. In vitro cloning of Helleborus niger. Plant Cell Reports 20, 895-900.