Nach Oben


Analysis of phenolic compounds: which factors to consider?

The accurate analysis of phenolic compound profiles and concentrations in plants has been of interest for many years. However, to date, a standard procedure still does not exist. This bulletin highlights the effect of abiotic factors on flavonoids and recommends that these should be considered while planning and conducting experiments. Furthermore, during storage, a low humidity of the samples is more important than the temperature during storage. Currently, there are several methods to measure phenolic compound concentrations. The decision of which method to use should be related to the scientific question. Moreover, one should be aware that structurally different phenolic compounds might react differently to biotic and abiotic factors. Nevertheless, a method validation is the basis of reliable results and should be performed in advance to establish a method as valid as well as at any time when the parameters of the extraction and measurement are changed.

Neugart, S., 2017. Analysis of phenolic compounds: which factors to consider? UV4Plants Bulletin, no.1, 31-61.

DOI: 10.19232/uv4pb.2017.1.13