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PermAFog – Development of novel and sustainable permanent antifog additive masterbatches for polyolefin foils in greenhouse applications


2019 - 2022

Antifogging agents are used for fog`s prevention on plastic films in greenhouses and for fresh food packaging.

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The migration of anti-fogging agents in polyolefin films for agricultural applications poses a problem due to loss of antifog properties and hence, a short life time (typically 18 months).
For this reason the project PermAFog aims with the development of innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly permanent antifog additive masterbatches for polyolefin films, with improved shelf-lives of at least 36 months. Hence, the projects actively contributes to avoidance of plastic waste.
At the IGZ we investigate the impact of with different antifogging agents coated greenhouse films on plant quality and yield.

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