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WeGa Competence Network


2010 - 2014

The competence network WeGa (Wertschöpfung im Gartenbau, Creation of Value in Horticulture), which receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, has been active since September 2010. As part of Germany’s High Tech Strategy Program, the ministry particularly encourages research projects that cover the whole horticultural value chain. In this context, the product and production security in highly intensive agriculture, such as the production of vegetables, fruits ornamental plants, trees and shrubs, is crucial.

Cooperation Partners


A sub-project “Future Production – Quality Parameters and Compounds in Brassica” in the scope of the project “Value Chain Field Vegetables” within the WeGa network thus focuses on solving the difficulties that arise when it comes to scheduling the field production of vegetables to meet market needs. The field production of vegetables is highly dependent on weather conditions and weather conditions in turn influence the concentration of various substances in vegetables. Accordingly, scheduling production for the market will alter the compound levels and profiles in vegetables. However, these may play an important role in customers’ purchase decisions, which are increasingly guided by health-oriented aspects. To address this issue, WeGa aims to analyze the biosynthesis of glucosinolates and flavonoids in correlation with ecophysiological factors and technological measures, all the while taking into account any biochemical, molecular biological and plant physiological processes. Findings will be used to produce functional yet natural vegetables that will be scheduled to meet market needs as well as consumer demands. In addition, the goal is to develop a set of comprehensive measures to guide pre- and postharvest management within the value chain to adjust the content and profile of secondary plant metabolites in vegetables.

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