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Farmlab – the laboratory for real-time soil analysis


01.01.2019 - 30.06.2021

In agriculture, but especially in horticulture, the exact planning of the fertilizer quantity and the type and composition of the fertilizers used are of essential importance. This has a major influence on the maintenance of soil fertility, compliance with legal requirements and the function of the soil as a basis for the production of food and feed.



Cooperation Partners

Stenon GmbH

This situation is countered by the fact that soil analyses today are carried out in expensive, manual, time-consuming and centralized processes within specific laboratories. These usually do not reflect the heterogeneity and give inaccurate recommendations for optimal fertilization.

The IGZ develops together with the Brandenburg start-up STENON a solution for a direct measurement of relevant nutrients in the soil. The IGZ will develop fertilization recommendations for the optimization of fertilization management based on the solution provided by STENON.

The “N-Expert” fertilization optimization software developed by the IGZ will be used and further developed for this purpose. The project comprises innovative hardware components and intelligent software modules. The planned experiments by the IGZ and the data acquisition will help to improve the N-Expert fertilization recommendation software and thus optimize practical fertilization recommendations. This will make it possible in future to produce real-time soil quality determinations with the aim of reducing the amount of fertilizer used.

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