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Quality assurance of recycling products from dry toilets for use in horticulture


03.2019 - 12.2019

The DIN-Connect innovation funding (DIN-Connect Innovationsförderung) aims to develop a product standard (DIN SPEC) for marketable and quality-assured recycling products from starting substrates of human origin for use as fertilizer in horticulture.

Cooperation Partners

Netzwerk für nachhaltige Sanitärsysteme e.V.
Goldeimer gemeinnützige GmbH
Ö-Klo GbR
Vuna GmbH, Bastian Etter
Holzapfel + Konsorten GmbH & Co. KG (KMU), Karsten Holzapfel
oikotec Ingenieur*innen
and many more

A decentralized treatment and utilization of the material flows urine and feces from dry toilets enables circulation-oriented nutrient recycling to be realized. The DIN-Connect project as well as the planned DIN SPEC should explicitly strengthen start-ups and SMEs in establishing their technical innovations in the market of stationary and mobile waterless sanitary technology or service, while at the same time contributing to quality assurance in the establishment of recycling economies. The standard is to be developed on the basis of the current state of research as well as existing laws and standards for recycling substrates from similar starting materials of plant or animal origin.

The project is financed by the DIN Connect programme, which promotes particularly innovative, socially relevant and forward-looking ideas. For the funding program, DIN and DKE are providing their own financial resources to help bring innovation to standardization and standardization, thereby helping them gain faster market access.

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Funding volume: 35,000 Euro

1 of 17 winning projects:

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