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NutriLab II


2019 - 2021

The goal of the “NutriLab II” project is, based on the results of the previous research and development project “NutriLab”, to further develop this system to market maturity and practical introduction.

Cooperation Partners

MMM tech support (GmbH & Co KG)
Arcus-EDS (GmbH)

This will provide a profound basis for the application of fertilizers, in particular for fertilization over the course of cultivation. It is expected that the economical and responsible use of fertilizers will be supported and that the competitiveness of crop production will be strengthened. NutriLab consists of two components that form a coordinated system:
First an easy-to-use, robust and mobile handheld analyzer that measures the content of nutrients NO3, H2PO4, K and the pH and EC of the sample material in a single measurement. The NutriLab instrument is equipped with a Bluetooth interface for data communication with the cloud based NutriLab software, secondly. In addition to pure data management, this software is able to optimize the fertilization strategy of the user by independently interpreting the obtained data by means of a stored database containing optimal nutrient content ranges in the press juice of plant organs and in soil extracts for the most important cultivated plant species in their development stages and, based on this, by carrying out an evaluation of the current nutrient supply.
Crop experiments at the IGZ are used and created to extend, improve and validate the database. Furthermore, optimal ranges and the concept will be validated. This will also be done by data acquisition on vegetable farms. The measuring accuracy of the hand-held measuring instrument for sample solutions with unknown nutrient content will be checked by means of comparative measurements with other proven measuring instruments.

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