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Emergency Agriculture and Food Security: An International, Interdisciplinary KOSMOS Research Workshop


02.2016 - 06.2016

Despite the notable decline of food insecurity worldwide in the last decade, 795 million people remain undernourished, especially in emergency settings where the availability of and the access to nutritious food often continues to be a critical concern for victims of natural and human-made disasters.


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

The concept of food security is based on four intertwined dimensions: availability, access, use and quality. Addressing all four dimensions of food security for these victims remains a challenge for the international community and national governments in light of ineffective outcomes of food aid, particularly in protracted and complex humanitarian emergencies. At the same time, displaced individuals resort to various survival and coping strategies such as cultivating vegetable gardens for self-sustenance. However, very little is known in either the natural or the behavioral sciences about the nature and the effectiveness of such basic agricultural survival strategies and their impact in reducing food insecurity, not just through provision of food but also through their nutritional and safe use. The KOSMOS Workshop brings together leading Berlin-based, German and international researchers working on various related aspects of this emerging field.

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