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Mapping of breeding-relevant traits in Hydrangea macrophylla


2016 - heute

Due to its big and colorful flowers, Hydrangea (hortensia) is an impressive, ornamental crop of the upscale market segment.

Cooperation Partners

KÖTTERHEINRICH – Hortensien-Kulturen

Breeding for attractiveness, fitness and extended flowering time is complicated by i) self-incompatibility, ii) strong heterogeneity, which often masks recessive traits, 3) a large and complex genome, which consists at the haploid level of 18 chromosomes with a haploid genome size of about 2.2 Gbp, and 4) the presence of cultivars with different ploidy levels. Here, we started a project to produce the first genetic map of Hydrangea macrophylla and to map breeding-relevant traits such as the inflorescence type mophead/lacecap. This will allow detecting genomic regions (genes) and identifying the genetic mechanisms, which control these traits. Furthermore, we will develop molecular markers to allow marker-assisted selection for flowering traits already at the seedling stage.

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