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Molecular genetic analysis of altered flower architecture in Calluna vulgaris


- heute

Flowers are of central significance for plants, since these organs are responsible for plant reproduction. Many plants evolved attractive structures to allure pollinators. Beautiful flower even attract humans. Everyone knows that remembering the diversity of flower shapes and colures. Many ornamental crop breeders aim to produce pleasant flowers in theirs particular cultures. Sometimes they can resort on natural variations as staring material for their breeding programs like it was the case for heather (Calluna vulgaris). Heather is famous for the bud-blooming flower type which occurred as a natural mutant with showy colorful flower and extended flower longevity. As researches we are interested to find the genetic basis for the special flower type. Therefore we utilize methods of modern molecular biology as well as of classical genetics to figure out how this special flower type of C. vulgaris arose and which effects the altered flower morphology has on its function of flower as a reproductive organ.

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