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2021 - 2022

Platform for proteome analytics in horticulture – Complementation of a high-performance mass spectrometer to the instrumentation (ProteoVeg)

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Proteins are the most important control elements in a cell. Knowledge of their composition and functionality is the basis for understanding and controlling molecular mechanisms of crop yield formation and yield maintenance. The analysis of time-dependent protein expression patterns, in response to adverse environmental conditions, allows the identification of biomarkers that may be used for early detection of plant diseases before phenotypic symptoms are evident in plants. Protein-based biomarkers are also applied for resistance breeding when their abundance is related to resistance towards pathogen infections. Thus, proteome analyses can not only provide recommendations for optimized cultivation of vegetables, but also contribute to the improvement of germplasm.

The aim of the project (ProteoVeg) is the technological extension of high performance mass spectrometry at the IGZ for proteome analysis of vegetables. Within the project, a nanoUPLC (nanoUltra Performance Liquid Chromatography)-coupled hybrid mass spectrometer will be integrated into the existing mass spectrometric instrumentation to provide a unique platform for proteome analysis in basic and applied research projects. This mass spectrometer allows the analysis with high ion resolution, mass accuracy, measurement speed as well as a high dynamic range. This enables the analysis of particularly small sample quantities, such as those present in single cell analyses, subcellular proteome analyses or in the characterization of post-translational protein modifications.

This project is supported by ERDF funds. The IGZ would like to thank the funding body for the opportunity to realize this research project.

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