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2 MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems

1. Research Domain
FUNCT Functional Plant Biology
2. Research Domain
MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems
2.1 Principles of integrated pest management
2.2 Beneficial plant-microbe interactions
3. Research Domain
QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security
4. Research Domain
HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

Head of PA MICRO: Dr Rita Grosch

This Programme Area analyses how microorganisms impact on horticultural plants and how plants in turn systematically regulate the microbial activity in their Environment.

2.1 Principles of integrated pest management

Plant diseases are responsible for economically relevant yield losses and detrimental effects on crop quality. Especially soil-borne pathogens that cause root and systemic plant infections present major challenges in crop production.


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2.2 Beneficial plant-microbe interactions

Research Group 2.2 is working on mutualistic interactions of plants with bacteria and fungi. Understanding these interactions is the prerequisite for their successful application as inocula in sustainable horticultural plant production. In depth molecular analyses are necessary to elucidate how the interacting partn...

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