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Prof. Dr. Tilman Brück

Prof. Dr.

Tilman Brück

033701 - 78 124

Forschungsgruppenleiter 3.3

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3.3.2 Development economics

Horticultural activity offers a unique opportunity to strengthen both income and food security for smallholder farmers. Moreover, people displaced by ...

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Food4Future (F4F)

The Food4Future (F4F) Project is funded in the Framework of the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Research and education) call “Agricultural Systems of ...

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Impact evaluation of AVRDC’s home garden project in Bangladesh

Vegetable production in home gardens can have the potential to provide a range of benefits for families in developing countries....

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Life in Kyrgyzstan (LiK) Study: Wave 5

The ‘Life in Kyrgyzstan’ Study is a representative, research-based, open access and multi-topic longitudinal survey of households and individuals ...

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Nudging children toward healthier food choices: An experiment combining school and home gardens

There is a surge of school garden programs in developing countries, but there is very little evidence to date that such programs drive children to mak...

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Emergency Agriculture and Food Security: An International, Interdisciplinary KOSMOS Research Workshop

Despite the notable decline of food insecurity worldwide in the last decade, 795 million people remain undernourished, especially in emergency setting...

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LEADS – Leibniz Environment & Development Symposium

Global societal challenges like achieving food security for all, decreasing social inequalities, preventing and overcoming violent conflict and securi...

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International Workshop „Home Gardens as a Coping Strategy in Crises and Humanitarian Emergencies“

Der internationale Workshop „Home Gardens as a Coping Strategy in Crises and Humanitarian Emergencies“ hat zum Thema,...

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Home Gardens for Resilience and Recovery (HG4RR)

Das überordnete Ziel des Projekts besteht darin, ein internationales Experten-Netzwerk zu schaffen, das sich der Schaffung und dem Austausch von Wiss...

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Impact Evaluation of the Malteser International Food Security Programmes in South Sudan

Food insecurity and malnutrition are increasingly being concentrated in conflict-affected regions and humanitarian emergencies....

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