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Prof. Dr. habil. Philipp Franken

Prof. Dr. habil.

Philipp Franken

036201 - 785 217


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Molecular physiology of chilling tolerance of Petunia and Euphorbia pulcherrima

Future greenhouse production of ornamental crops in Central and Northern Europe depends on the reduction of energy inputs. Plants with a higher tolera...

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Nutrient exchange in root-fungus interactions

The supply of plants with mineral nutrients is the basis of their growth. Many plants accomplish this supply in partnership with fungal endophytes whi...

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Mycorrhiza-induced resistance

The development of a healthy root system, which is not damaged by the influence of pathogens, is a prerequisite for a sufficient uptake of mineral nut...

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BestPass: Boosting plant-endophyte stability, compatibility and performance across scales

Plant endophytic microorganisms can improve plant yield and enhance plant tolerance to abiotic stress as well as to pathogens under experimental condi...

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