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Dr. Margita Hefner


Margita Hefner

+49 (0)33701-78372


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Scientist in the programme area HORTSYS „Next-generation horticultural systems“, research group „Open-field horticultural systems“

Scientific profile

I am enthusiastic about open-field vegetable production, in particular about nutrient cycling within the plant-soil system. In order to develop production systems that are viable for the future I consider it important to promote fertilization strategies with reduced nutrient losses to the environment. Soil quality is at threat in intensely cultivated vegetable soils and therefore I’m interested in finding ways how to increase soil fertility, investigating management options such as reduced soil tillage, using soil amendments and recycling of organic matter.


Since July 2021    Scientist at the IGZ

2019 – 2021          Postdoc at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University (Denmark)

2018 – 2019          Research Assistant at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University (Denmark)

2014 – 2015          Trainee in the Programme Organic Agriculture at the Farm Hofgut Oberfeld Landwirtschaft AG in Darmstadt


2015 – 2018          PhD in plant-soil interactions in reduced tilled organic vegetable systems at the Department of Food Science, Aarhus University (Denmark)

2012 – 2014          Master of Science in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems, Double Degree at Hohenheim University (Germany) und der Aarhus University (Denmark)

2009 – 2011          Bachelor of Science in Biology, Bielefeld University (Germany)