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Dr. agr. Carmen Feller

Dr. agr.

Carmen Feller

033701 - 78 368

Head of RG HORTSYS.1

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How nitrogen losses in German intensive field vegetable production systems can be reduced using the simulation model EU-Rotate

The objective of the project was the identification of vegetable crop rotations which can both reduce nitrogen losses from field production systems an...

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WeGa Competence Network

The competence network WeGa (Wertschöpfung im Gartenbau, Creation of Value in Horticulture), which receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Educ...

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N-Expert – Fertiliser recommendations for field vegetables

Several field grown vegetables require high amounts of nitrogen (N) while having a short cultivation time compared to many agricultural crops. Therefo...

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MoDeN Modell- und Demonstrationsvorhaben zur Optimierung der N-Düngung im Freilandgemüsebau

The Fertilizer Ordinance (DüV) regulates the good professional practice of fertilization in Germany and thus implements the EU nitrate guideline. The...

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