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Dr. Ariane Krause


Ariane Krause

033701 - 78 254

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SiEUGreen – Sustainable Food Security – Resilient and resource-efficient value

SiEUGreen aspires to enhance the EU-China cooperation in promoting urban agriculture for food security, resource efficiency and smart, resilient citie...

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Quality assurance of recycling products from dry toilets for use in horticulture

The DIN-Connect innovation funding (DIN-Connect Innovationsförderung) aims to develop a product standard (DIN SPEC) for marketable and quality-assure...

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Opening the portfolio of negative emissions technologies: A comprehensive study of social, techno-economic and ethical dimensions of biomass-based NETs in Sweden and Tanzania

The Paris Agreement’s highly ambitious temperature goal has been described as a great diplomatic success. Lately, however, the challenges associated...

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REGION.innovativ – zirkulieBAR: Intercommunal acceptance for sustainable valorisation of sanitary by-product streams ZirkulierBAR is an inter- a...

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Urban Cycles

A citizen science project on sustainable fertilization with urine-based recycled fertilizers in community gardens in Berlin ...

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