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Dr. agr. André Sradnick

Dr. agr.

André Sradnick

033701 / 78 - 362



N-Expert – Fertiliser recommendations for field vegetables

Several field grown vegetables require high amounts of nitrogen (N) while having a short cultivation time compared to many agricultural crops. Therefo...

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Development and evaluation of peat-reduced production systems in horticulture...

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Farmlab – the laboratory for real-time soil analysis

In agriculture, but especially in horticulture, the exact planning of the fertilizer quantity and the type and composition of the fertilizers used are...

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Nutri@ÖkoGemüse – Nutrient management in organic vegetable production based on new fertilization strategies and decision support systems

Due to a high nutrient requirement, the importance of external nutrients and their cycles is significantly greater in livestock-free organic field veg...

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