Mykorrhizierte Wurzel:      


Invitation to the second open seminar organized within the MycoPakt-Project - Guests are welcome ! 
Guest are welcome! Click to view the programme!

The third internal Project Progress Meeting took place
at the Institute of Cheimistry and Dynamics of the Geosphere
of the Research Centre  Jülich


Our consortium presented the MycoPakt Project on an information evening organized by the Leibniz community in Berlin:
'Exzellenz durch Vernetzung. Kooperationsprojekte der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen mit Hochschulen im Pakt für Forschung und Innovation'.

                                                  Photograph: Christoph Herbort-von Loeper

The first Women in Natural Science Workshop
the first Open Seminar on Progress in the Study of Mycorrhizal Symbioses in Horticulture and Agriculture
were held at the IGZ in Grossbeeren

The project consortium with invited guests


The MycoPakt consortium met for the second internal project progress meeting at the IGZ in Großbeeren

Sept./Oct. 2007:

Greenhouse experiment under conduction at the IGZ
Experiment in the greenhouse Split root pot
The first greenhouse study within the MycoPakt project at the IGZ
is conducted by Anja Müller.

This split root experiment employs 15N labelling and the mycorrhiza defective tomato mutant rmc to investigate mycorrhiza hyphal transport of nitrogen between roots of neigboring  plants. 

Field soil sampling at the IBDF
Sampling of a clover field 20.07.07:
Soil samples were taken for the assessment of arbuscular mycorrhizal root colonization with red clover in a long-term field fertilization experiment at the IBDF.

First soil sampling at the IBDF

18.07.07: The group of Dr. Liliane Ruess (TUD) visited the IBDF
for sampling of a wheat field.
The picture shows Mr. Christopher Ngosong, Dr. Joachim Raupp and Dr. Lilane Ruess. Samples were processed to the assessment of PFLA profiles, soil animal abundance and  arbuscular mycorrhizal root colonization.
Start of the MycoPakt Project !


MycoPakt Start-Up Meeting in Großbeeren
Start-Up-Meeting in Großbeeren
MycoPakt consortium with members of the IGZ staff

MycoPakt-Article in the Leibniz-Journal
(German language)

Journal der Leibniz-Geimeinschaft 2007
Karriere am pilzlichen Faden.Der Pakt fördert Frauen in wissenschaftlichen Führungspositionen   mehr

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