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LEADS – Leibniz Environment & Development Symposium 2016

LEADS2016 - From Food Production to Food Security

Berlin, Germany, 5-7 December 2016


Berlin, Germany, 5-7 December 2016


Head quarter Leibniz Association, Chausseestraße 111, Berlin-Mitte


Global societal challenges, such as achieving food security for all, preventing and overcoming violent conflict and maintaining biodiversity, necessarily require strong interdisciplinary research collaboration. New ideas and fresh approaches by emerging researchers are required to understand such challenges and to help to overcome them.

To address these exciting research questions and to help overcome structural barriers within academia, the four Leibniz institutes ATB, IGZ, ZALF and ZMT have established the Leibniz Environment and Development Symposium (LEADS). In 2016, LEADS will have the priority theme “From Food Production to Food Security,” which will be followed by further annual LEADS focusing on crises and on biodiversity.

The main aim of LEADS is to give ample opportunities for early stage researchers to discuss their works with junior and senior researchers focusing on the field of environment and development. New research collaborations can be explored.

The symposium takes place in the center of Berlin at the House of Leibniz Association.

We invited submissions of original, completed and unpublished research papers, with a preference for empirical papers addressing questions at the intersection of environment and development.

This year, the special theme is “From Food Production to Food Security,” and we will give priority to papers addressing this topic. Submissions by early stage researchers (those studying for a PhD or within 5 years of completion of their PhD) and from researchers based in the Global South are especially encouraged.

Completed paper and a short CV (maximum two pages) in PDF format have been send by email to by 15 September 2016. Authors have been notified of the decision on their paper in early October 2016.

Download Final Programm here

Day 1 Monday, December 5th

Welcome: Achim Schlüter (LEADS Team),
Matthias Kleiner (President Leibniz Association)

Discussion with Matthias Kleiner: Sustainable Development Goals, the Leibniz Association, Environment and Development (all; Session Chair [SC]: AKH)

Ferguson, Neil: Weighting the Obvious? Indexing Job Quality and the Impact of “Bad Jobs” on Wellbeing in Kyrgyzstan (Jörg Langbein)

Goldbach, Carina: The role of risk and time preferences in predicting out-migration. Empirical evidence from Ghana and Indonesia (Tilman Brück; SD: JR)

16.15-16.45  Coffee break

Habibi, Negar: The Impact of Food Security on Conflict Evidence from Ethiopia (Ghassan Baliki)

Mefor Halle, Ernestine: Net-Map analysis of social relations and motivations among Tanzanian stakeholders implementing food security upgrading strategies (UPS) (Marie Fujitani; SC:AKH.)

19.00 Dinner @ Alpenstück, Gartenstr. 9, 10115 Berlin


Day 2 Tuesday, December 6th

Keynote speech: Helen Young: title tbc

10.15-10.30 Coffee break

Langbein, Jörg: That’s my Turf: An Experimental Analysis of Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries in Indonesia (Jens Rommel)

Gehrig, Stefan: Development and cultural evolution: Disentangling cooperative institutions and sustainability in a natural resource system in East Africa (Helen Young; SC: AS)

Jha, Srijna: Assessing the scaling- out potential of Health and Nutrition related technological interventions targeting women for Food Security in Morogoro, Tanzania Using the ScalA tool (Anna Katharina)

Chen, Hsiao-pu: Impact of School Gardens in Nepal: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial (Marie Fujitani; SC: PG)

12.00-13.00 Light Lunch

Partelow, Stefan: Applying the social-ecological system framework to pond-based acuaculture on Lombok, Indonesia (Ilona Otto)

Barragan-Paladines, Maria Jose: Looking at fish-as-food under the notion of food security in the Global South (Katrin Daedlow; SC: JR)

Gerba, Leta: The Agricultural Extension System: Operational setup, challenges and opportunities in Bako-Tibe and Yem woredas of Southwest Ethiopia (Frieder Graef)

Schmidt, Martin: ELRAP Enhancing Livelihood Resilience of Afar People through Challenging Water Scarcity and Land Degredation (Achim Schlüter; SC: PG)

14.30-14.45 Coffee break

Nazia, Yasmin: Insights into the Adoption and Transition towards Alternative Fuels for Cooking – the Case of Biogas Technologies at the Intersection of Households, Community Development and Energy Environments in Pakistan (Achim Schlüter; SC:TB )

15.30-16.00 Walk to the Deutsche Historisches Museum
16.00-18.00 Guided Tour in the exhibition: “German Colonialism”
18.30 Dinner @ 12 Apostel near S-Bhf Friedrichstr, Georgenstr. 2 (S-Bahnbögen 177-1180), 10117 Mitte


Day 3 Wednesday, December 7th

Zamani, Omid: The Impacts of Alternative Water Supply and Price Regimes on Farm Systems and Agricultural Food Crop Production Case Study: Zayandeh-Rud Basin, Iran (Götz Uckert)

Lenz, Luciane: Demand for off-grid solar electricity – Experimental (Philipp Grundmann; SC: JR) evidence from Rwanda

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

Nelson, Katie: Distributional preferences and donation behavior among marine resource users in Wakatobi, Indonesia (Jens Rommel)

Rommel, Jens: Costly Peer Punishment in a Dynamic Agricultural System: Experimental Evidence from Sumatra, Indonesia (Stefan Gehrig; SC: TB)

12.30-13.00 Feedback & Good bye (all)
13.00-13.30 Internal meeting of organisers: Future of LEADS


Scientific Committee:

  • T. Brück (IGZ),
  • A. Schlüter (ZMT),
  • J. Rommel (ZALF),          
  • P. Grundmann (ATB),
  • A.-K. Hornidge (ZMT)

Organizing Committee: Elke Kasper (ZMT), Marina Korn (IGZ), Heike Schobert (ZALF)

Photographer: Heike Schobert

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