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KOSMOS Workshop
Emergency Agriculture and Food Security: An International, Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

Berlin, May 2016


May 30-31, 2016


Festsaal at Humboldt-University, Luisenstraße 56, D-10117 Berlin


The KOSMOS Workshop “Emergency Agriculture and Food Security” will bring together leading Berlin-based, German and international researchers working on various related aspects of this emerging field.

They will pursue three related objectives:


  • To review recent findings and scientific progress (the “state of the art”);
  • To identify and prioritize novel research questions (or “knowledge gaps”); and
  • To plan future research collaborations and joint proposals.


These objectives will be attained by reviewing a set of related research questions with short presentations and subsequent plenary discussions.


The overall research themes include:

  • Forms and representations of emergencies and fragile environments;
  • Drivers of food insecurity in emergencies and in fragile environments;
  • Agricultural practices in emergencies;
  • Consequences of food insecurity in emergencies and in fragile environments, especially at the individual level;
  • The role and impact of local and global policy actors for emergency agriculture and food security;
  • New and emerging data sources and indicators; and
  • Methods and techniques.


CALL FOR ABSTRACTS: KOSMOS Emergency Agriculture and Food Security C4P

FINAL PROGRAMM ( 20 May 2016): FinalProgram-Kosmos



The participants of the workshop jointly adopted the `Berlin statement on the Role of Agriculture and Food Security in Conflict and Emergency Situations´. The statement strongly recommends further intensification of interdisciplinary cooperation in science and practice to improve humanitarian aid in crises and increase food security.

Link to full Berlin Statement (Pdf)


More information about the KOSMOS-programme:

funded by Future Concept resources of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin through the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal Government and its Federal States