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Strategy for the Future

Resources are becoming narrower, global and regional climates are changing, markets are globalizing and liberating; the consumer preferences are changing and new ways of communication are evolving.  In this changing social context, horticulture is confronted with more new challenges than ever before.  This raises the question, which direction should horticulture take?

Design the Future – the Mission

In September 2009 around 300 participants attended the 1st Congress on the Future of Horticulture, underlining the strong interest in the sector.

The congress provided an overview of the current state of affairs, highlighting the need for deeper analyses and the identification of factors that will influence horticulture in the future. Following the meeting the Federal Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV) initiated the development of the “Future Horticulture Strategy”, which aims to set out the successful development of the whole value chain – not only for German horticulture, but for related science and funding policy.

Future Horticulture Strategy should provide impetus and ideas to the green sector in Germany.

Through strategic workshops and online surveys the dialogue aimed to develop concrete recommendations for the BMELV in order to integrate topics for the strategy, thus providing a scientific basis for political decisions. The results of the Future Horticulture Strategy were presented and discussed on the 2nd Congress on the Future of Horticulture in September 2013.


Report of the Researcher-Group 2013 as PDF (german)


Congress Report 2014 as PDF (german)


Congress Report 2009 as PDF (german)