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Working @ IGZ

Working at IGZ is more than just a job. Of course it means to learn a lot on science all around horticulture, but not only that. Here we meet new people from all over the world, we exchange knowledge, learn about different cultures and traditions and become friends.


Let us introduce ourselves


Iris Camehl, Postdoc

After obtaining my PhD at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena and a postdoctoral stay for three years in the US I started to work at IGZ in summer 2015. As a plant physiologist, I am mainly interested in the interaction between plants and beneficial microbes. Before starting to work at IGZ I gained experience to work on the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and the crop Zea mays. Now at IGZ I am fond of the ornamental plant Petunia which everybody knows as a beautiful balcony plant. Despite this feature, Petunia offers a lot of different opportunities for researchers like me. The Petunia genome for example is known to a great extent and therefore it is possible to decipher plant’s action to beneficial root endophytic microbes, such as arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi or Piriformospora indica on the molecular biological level.



Uwe Kunert, Head of Experimental Operation 

Vor fast 40 Jahren begann meine Laufbahn als Gärtner hier am Institut in Großbeeren, Anfang der 80er Jahre machte ich meinen Abschluss  Diplomingenieur FH und hatte meinen ersten Verantwortungsbereich in der Planung,  Umsetzung  und Betreuung von Versuchen im Gewächshaus. Interessant  für mich, war die gesellschaftliche  Entwicklung zur Wende 1989-1992, so wie die Neugestaltung vom Institut zu einer Weltweit anerkannten Einrichtung in der Gartenbauforschung.

Es macht schon Spaß jungen Praktikanten, Studenten, Wissenschaftlern,… seine Erfahrungen weiterzugeben und sie in ihrer Arbeit zu begleiten.



Shubhangi Sharma und Vincenzo De Rocchis, PhD students

IGZ offers a very dynamic and state of the art working atmosphere with great opportunities and we are very excited to be a part of this great institute. The possibility of international collaborations and the presence of subject matter experts make it the right place for us to conduct our research.



Eva Piontek, Secretary 

I am working at this institute in my hometown Großbeeren for more than 30 years already. Working with different people is a pleasure – doesn´t matter if they are students, scientists, professors or pupils … My walk to work is my daily fitness program. 

I feel very lucky – many of my colleagues are from places far away from here, often even from another continent.  



Ingrid Rathenow, Gardener

Hello there, I am gardener at this institute. More than 40 years ago, I made a career out of my hobby and passion and I haven´t regretted my decision once. I love to work with plants.

My job is diverse and interesting. And I am always ready to share my experiences and knowledge with clueless students and trainees.