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Career and Family

Everyone should be able to balance work and family – that is a goal the IGZ is dedicated to. Whether employees care for elderly parents or are new parents themselves, they can always count on the institute to support them. Not only through flexible work schedules or time off, but also when they choose to return to work full-time. The IGZ even provides a fully-furnished office with an installed nursery.

Creating work/family balance


In order to create a family-friendly working environment for everyone, the IGZ has launched a number of targeted gender equality efforts. In addition, it completed the auditing process audit berufundfamilie in 2012, which helps to structure and further consolidate policies and practices as well as an overall family-friendly institutional philosophy.

By means of the audit, the IGZ committed to implementing and documenting all necessary and appropriate measures to facilitate work-life balance and the institute’s working group audit berufundfamilie ( is putting together yearly reports on its efforts and coordinates the re-auditing process. The final Report for the second stage was submitted end of 2018. 

Policies and Practices

The following policies and practices have so far been implemented:

  • flexible work schedules
  • in-house office with an installed nursery
  • individual schedules
  • in-house training opportunities during core working hours
  • regular ‘open office’ consultation hours with director

The following policies and practices are planned for the future:

  • increased flexibility to include remote work arrangements
  • on-site sports and wellbeing opportunities
  • development of a mission statement that identifies family-friendliness as integral executive function
  • expand the above policies and practices to fully include PhD students and postdocs