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Programme Area FUNCT

FUNCT Functional Plant Biology

Head of PA FUNCT: Prof Philip A. Wigge

Programme Area “Functional plant biology” (PA FUNCT) aims to obtain...

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Programme Area MICRO

MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems

Head of PA MICRO: Dr Rita Grosch

Research in PA MICRO aims to improve our understanding of plant-microb...

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Programme Area 3

BIOINF Genomics and bioinformatics in horticulture

Programme Area QUALITY

QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security

Head of PA QUALITY: Prof Dr Monika Schreiner

The overall aim of the Programme Area “Plant qualit...

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Programme Area HORTSYS

HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

Head (acting) of PA HORTSYS: Dr Oliver Körner

The aim of PA “Next-generation horticultural system...

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