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1. Programme Area

1 FUNCT Functional Plant Biology


Head of PA FUNCT: Prof Philip A. Wigge

This programme area seeks to understand how plants sense and respond to their environment. The remarkable ability of plants to adapt to their environment reveals fundamental biological principles, and is a mult...

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2. Programme Area

2 MICRO Plant-Microbe Systems

Head of PA MICRO: Dr Rita Grosch

This Programme Area analyses how microorganisms impact on horticultural plants and how plants in turn systematically regulate the microbial activity in their Environment.


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3. Programme Area

3 QUALITY Plant Quality and Food Security

Head of PA QUALITY: Prof Dr Monika Schreiner

The impact of plants and plant-based food on human nutrition and food security critically depends on diversity, composition and quality of plants as well as on socio-economic factors. This Programme Area studies this interaction and interdependencies from biological, ...

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4. Programme Area

4 HORTSYS Next-Generation Horticultural Systems

Head of PA HORTSYS: Dr Oliver Körner

This Programme Area addresses the sustainable use of horticultural crops in cultivation systems, including the development of innovative management strategies for climate change Adaptation.


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