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Current Events │ 30. May 2022

The re:publica Berlin is back! The festival for the digital society will take place from June 8-10, 2022 in the Arena Berlin and the Festsaal Kreuzberg and this year’s motto is “Any Way the Wind Blows”.

At re:publica 2022, actors from the field of resource-saving sanitation and sustainable circular economy will jointly create a thematic contribution to the sanitation and nutrient turnaround. With Loo:topia, we want to provide a diverse introduction to the topic of circular sanitation and food systems. It aims to show why the sanitation and nutrient turnaround is so important and how the implementation of these turns can succeed.

The IGZ projects zirkulierBAR and Agricultural Systems of the future will also be (re)present(ed)!

The “Agricultural Systems of the Future” are represented in the Loo:topia exhibition concept with two interactive exhibits. A virtual reality (VR) simulation provides insight into the food production of the future and a multi-touch table allows visitors to learn more about the content of the eight projects in the funding line.

Project zirkulierBAR offers a wide range of thematic contributions to the program with regards to the sanitation and nutrient transition, including:

We look forward to seeing you at the re:publica 22!