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1.3 Root-Shoot-Interactions

1. Research Domain
Functional plant biology
2. Research Domain
Plant-microbe systems
3. Research Domain
Plant quality and food security
4. Research Domain
Horticultural systems of the future
5. Research Domain
Standort Erfurt

Vegetable grafting has been introduced into horticultural practice about two decades ago and is now a widely used method to improve the performance of a variety of horticultural crops.

A grafted plant combines the traits of a rootstock and a scion in a single plant to enhance plant productivity particularly under stress conditions such as nutrient deficiencies, element toxicities, sub-optimal temperatures, and diseases. Many positive effects of grafting combinations in Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae have been described. However, grafting has also negative repercussions on the plant particularly related to quality characteristics of the product.

Current Project

2013 - 2017

Cost Action

Due to limited availability of arable land, and water resources, the large use of fertilizers, an...

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