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Folgefinanzierung zur Optimierung und Markteinführung von hochwirksamen Bioprodukten (OptiBioPro)


2015 - 2017

Representing an almost ubiquitous and highly efficient plant growth-promoting bacterium of broad host range Kosakonia radicincitans (Enterobacteriaceae) is currently becoming a model organism for beneficial plant-microbe interaction.

Cooperation Partners


We were the first to isolate and cultivate K. radicincitans and described the type strain DSM 16656 in 2005.  Performing molecular and computational analyses on Kosakonia genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes we have made much progress in the understanding of regulatory mechanisms. We know why Kosakonia promotes plant growth and have found conditions under which the strain exhibits highest efficacy in a diversity of plant species -vegetables, cereals and ornamental crops. We have determined the best and most efficient way of applying a functional Kosakonia population to the plant. Now we are able to transfer our knowledge from basic research and greenhouse experiments to sustainable production systems in the field. In the OptiBioPro project our partner, the biotech company ABiTEP, is developing a range of bacterial formulations – according to our recommendations – which are then tested by us and horticultural as well as agricultural partners. Our goal is to provide a clean and easy-to-apply alternative to additives (synthetic fertilizers, pesticides) used in conventional plant production systems, and to launch a safe biological product to the market which can be used by gardeners and farmers likewise in order to increase plant performance.


Other Projects

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Microorganisms originating from nature are promising candidates to keep high yield gain and quality standards of agricultural products.


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