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Dr. rer. hort. Matthias Fink

Dr. rer. hort.

Matthias Fink


Leiter Programmbereich 4

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Development of an integrated N management system in field vegetable production systems to reduce N balance surpluses. Sub-Project IGZ: Gaseous N losses and modelling

Field vegetable production systems are especially prone to N losses with N balance surpluses frequently as high as 200 kg N ha–1 yr–1. Results of ...

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Development of a herbicide joint filler in pavements that is based on demolition debris

This project aims to develop a substrate that prevents weed infestation in pavements. Demolition debris is considered a suitable substrate carrier, as...

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How nitrogen losses in German intensive field vegetable production systems can be reduced using the simulation model EU-Rotate

The objective of the project was the identification of vegetable crop rotations which can both reduce nitrogen losses from field production systems an...

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WeGa Competence Network

The competence network WeGa (Wertschöpfung im Gartenbau, Creation of Value in Horticulture), which receives funding from the Federal Ministry of Educ...

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Development of plant substrates with light weight aggregates on the basis of Vietnamese waste material

Due to rapid industrialization in Vietnam the quantity of construction waste is increasing. These materials are normally deposited....

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Development of a granulated fertilizer based on wood ashes

In mit Holz befeuerten Heizkraftwerken fallen größere Mengen Kessel- und Filteraschen an....

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MoDeN Modell- und Demonstrationsvorhaben zur Optimierung der N-Düngung im Freilandgemüsebau

The Fertilizer Ordinance (DüV) regulates the good professional practice of fertilization in Germany and thus implements the EU nitrate guideline. The...

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